My Christmas Confessions!! 

Boy, it’s only three days to Christmas, and I really haven’t caught the Chrissie spirit yet.

Normally I will have some great inspiration and a theme to follow. But not this year!! Life has been so hectic with moving my sister-in-law into our place.

(For those who don’t know, this year we’ve helped her sell her house, to get her out of a financial hole.  The house sold a few weeks ago, and she and her two girls have moved in with us, which has made things a bit crammed.  But the financial pressure is off!!)

Anyhow, with all that activity, we haven’t had time to think about Christmas.

The move has been good, and we are all managing to fit in together. It’s just that Christmas is not fitting into the schedule as well.

I was feeling guilty that I didn’t feel more inspired and “spiritual”. But as I think of it, weren’t things much the same for Mary and Joseph??

How would they have been able to fit Christmas into their busy schedule that year?? There was that big journey to make, and the imminent arrival of the baby, and what would happen if the baby was born while they were away?

Things were not really very convenient, were they?

But God has a way of entering into our lives in the most unusual ways. Even when things don’t seem convenient, we find out that they were all a part of HIS purpose. He knows how to fit all things together!!!

So, why do we worry and fuss about things?

I think I’ll just kick back and enjoy Christmas when it comes, and celebrate my Saviour’s birthday!! And what does it matter if everything isn’t in place?

It had seemed that way for Mary and Joseph, but really they were. God had had it all in place from the creation of the world. It was all a fulfillment of HIS plan.

And, for us, it is the same!!! HE has is all in place!!!

So pleased don’t be worried if your Christmas plans aren’t coming together….