Dirty Dishes and Devotions 

Today, is my second day into getting my house in order.

Flickr and other things on the net slowed me down a bit with getting started. So it was nearly lunch time before I even looked at doing anything in the house.

The pile of dirty dishes in the sink made me feel guilty. Well, better later than never, I thought. So I got stuck into them. And to make the task seem more enjoyable, I decided to turn on the radio to the Christian station.

Some nice praise and worship music was good. And then what followed was the message I really needed today. At 12:30 Joyce Meyer came on, and her message today was “Free to Be All You Can Be”. It was really the medicine the doctor ordered.

Anyhow, I did a search on the Internet, and have found that message and the whole series online. So this arvo, while I have sorted through junk, I’ve been able to listen to the WHOLE series.

If you haven’t heard her this past week, I would highly recommend it. Just go here: Freedom Series by Joyce Meyer.

And today’s message that had an impact and was so freeing to me: Free to Be All You Can Be – Part 2.

And may you be blessed as much as I was.

Just a final thought….
…. Isn’t it wonderful how God arranges everyday circumstances so that He can bless us? If I’d done the dishes earlier as I thought I should have, I wouldn’t have heard Joyce. So who was making me feel guilty?

Oh, and just ONE more thing….

…. I made good headway today in getting the mess cleaned up in the house. 🙂