A friend of mine has just started playing a little BLESSING game.

Every evening, before you go to bed, think of three special blessings God has given you that day. I started playing too, and it’s really neat.

But then I got thinking. Often at the end of the day, we look back and see all the things we didn’t do. Admittedly we need to come to God and ask Him to reveal our sins and ways we may have fallen short. And when we confess them He forgives us, and He cleanses us from all wrong doing.

But sometimes we still hang onto them and go on a guilt trip, and beat ourselves about how we should have done better. And THAT is not good.

So I got an idea how we can counteract that. Why not think of 3 things we’ve accomplished that day? They need not be BIG things. Even little things will do. Then we go to sleep with a sense of accomplishment.

So now, we have 3 BLESSINGS + 3 ACCOMPLISHMENTS. That sounds pretty good, eh?

But then I got thinking again. “3 x 2” just didn’t seem right. “3 x 3” would be MUCH better. So as I thought some more, I thought why not 3 GOALS for tomorrow? Three things you want to or need to get done. This gives you a purpose to wake up to.

So now we have:


See 3 BAGS FULL!!!!

So at the end of the day, we rest well in God’s blessings. We can be satisfied that we have accomplished something good. And we can know we will awake with a fresh purpose in the morning.

I pray that you are as blessed by this as much as I am.  🙂